The tax identification number (“codice fiscale”) is a personal code that identifies each person living in Italy. The tax identification number provides a mean of identification of foreign citizens in their relations with public authorities and other administrations. For example, it is necessary to get enrolled in the university, open a bank account, buy an Italian sim card or rent a flat.

How to get it:

Before departure, citizens residing abroad can apply for a tax code at the Italian Consulate or Embassy in their Country of residence.

In case you have not obtained a tax code via this method, you can send an email directly to UNIVPM’s Students and Right to Study Office: dirittoallostudio@univpm.it.

You will need to attach:

  1. the AA4/8 formENG-version or ITA-version, filled and signed by the applicant;
  2. copy of a valid identity document.

Only identity documents recognized by the Italian authorities will be accepted, i.e.:

  • for EU citizens, the identity card of the Country of origin;
  • for non-EU citizens, the passport with relevant visa (where required) or the residence permit.

Documents will be sent to the Revenue Agency and the Students and Right to Study Office will send you the tax code attribution certificate by email.

The “Agenzia delle Entrate” Office of Ancona is located in Via Palestro n.15 (near Piazza Pertini): Tel. +39 071 2274411.