If you wish to enrol in one of our English-language courses, check what requirements and level of knowledge you need to have and what exemption cases are accepted. The English proficiency requirement is verified at the pre-enrolment stage

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Economics and Business:
    • B2 certificate is mandatory: check certificates accepted in our International Certification Recognition table. Also DUOLINGUO with score above 100 is accepted. NOTE WELL: language certificates are verified on the sites of the respective institutions that issued the certificate. In case of invalid (expired) or false certificates, the pre-enrollment application will be rejected.
    • As alternative, you can attend a test offered by CSAL: check the dedicated page to see test dates and register.

NOTE WELL: for Digital economics and business programme MOI is not accepted!!!!

  • Medicine and Surgery in English language (IMAT): B2 certificate not mandatory, for further information read the Call for Application.

  • Master’s Degree courses in English language: check specific requirements and exemptions for the course of your choice.

Please, note that if you don’t have the Medium of Instruction of your Bachelor’s Degree or a recognized English certificate language certificate you may be asked to take a test. For further information please check our International Certification Recognition table.